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Posted by The Overlord on Friday, July 25, 2014

Dispelling a Fallacy: We need Game Stores to grow the hobby

There is one gaming fallacy I hear repeated every once in awhile and it drives me crazy every time I hear it


I am talking about the people who post on role playing game forums that we need Friendly Local Game Stores in order to bring people into the hobby and help the hobby grow.    This is a fallacy that is repeated time after time and despite being untrue and providing these people facts to back the fact that this is untrue, it doesn’t stop people from repeating it anyway.


New Gamer’s are brought into the Role Playing Hobby by being introduced into already established game groups.   That’s how I learned how to game, that’s how all of the people I have taught the hobby were introduced and that is how ever gamer I have ever talked to has been introduced into this hobby.


I understand where many of these people probably get this idea, the go into their local friendly game store and the FLGS owner tells them that people need to support them in order to give people a place to learn how to game and pick up supplies.   Sadly, this is just a lie the game store owner tells to justify their existence and allow them to keep their business based on an outdated business model going.


While I am not going to say that no gamers have learned  how to game at a game store, I am going to dispute that many if not the majority of gamers in the hobby stumbled into a game store, saw all the games and say to themselves “Wow! I want to learn this hobby!”     Again, some people may have learned to game this way, but the number of people who learned this way are a handful or two and best, not the majority of the hobby.


What really happens is that an already established gamer (an active gamer) has a group and they have a friend/classmate/colleague that they think is a cool person and they ask them to join.   If the person is interested they join the group, learn the rules and the rest is history.    Some will stay with the group, small numbers won’t but that’s how it works for this and any other hobby.    The role playing game hobby is not built on tons of people randomly stumbling into a game store and learning how to game.


Game stores do have their purposes, don’t get me wrong.   I am not saying they all should go out of business tomorrow, I am just saying that attracting new gamers is not their strong point.    They are great if you want to pick up a game today and also want to socialize with other gamers, or you don’t have enough room where you are living to run a game at your place.   If you run a game at your local FLGS you should be sure to support them and buy their products as well as drinks and snacks, since tables are generally free to use.    If they are giving you the space and you are using it, then you should support them.


Game stores have their purposes and are useful for the hobby, but what they don’t do is bring in gamers in droves.    This is a fallacy I wish people would


What are your feelings on game stores?  Post a comment and let us know


Take Care


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comments are now moderated

Hi everyone.


I hate to do this but because of spammers and their normal criminal behavior I need to set the comments so they are moderated.   For the most part this won’t be a problem because we check the comments many times a day so comments won’t sit around forever waiting to be moderated.


We are going to look into a options so we can set the comments back to real time without worrying about spam getting through, for for now there will be a delay on comments being posted.   For you spammers out there, be warned, if your goal is to use us to get your site placed higher on search engines it won’t work.   You are criminals and we will stop you.


If anyone knows of any good anti-spam options for WordPress please send us a email through the contact us page and let us know.


Thank You


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Kickstarter] Fear the Living

Here is a kickstarter for a great looking Zombie horror game called:   Fear the Living




The world you knew is gone, consumed by the hungry dead. This is the story of what happens next.

Fear The Living is a tabletop roleplaying game where you and your friends portray the badass, dysfunctional, and codependent survivors of a zombie apocalypse. You all cooperate to decide on the details of the apocalypse your survivors will struggle to survive, from the tongue-in-cheek splatterpunk of Evil Dead or Planet Terror to the grim melodrama of a zombie series like The Walking Dead.

Players are thrust headlong into the roles of capable, passionate survivors whose personal relationships and priorities in the midst of the zombie apocalypse are just as important as their training with a rifle or their trusty machete. Relationships give you extra dice in conflicts where you’re fighting for or because of what you love, what you fear, or what you hate. Just be careful that someone doesn’t use your feelings to manipulate you; the ties that bind can also strangle.

You’re Talented. Player-defined Talents further flesh out your character, detailing capabilities as diverse as “Wiccan Dabbler” and “I’ve Killed Before, and It Shows”. No Talent, however obscure, is useless. The more narrowly applicable the talent, the more bonus dice are granted when it applies.

Your character’s priorities are power! How your survivor sees the world now that it belongs to the dead is captured by their Attributes: Ruthlessness, Will To Live, Authority, and Humanity. When you act according to your Attributes, you gain crucial extra dice at the cost of temporarily depleting the Attribute. Even the most cold-hearted bastard can only be Ruthless for so long. Attributes are renewed only by acting the part, so if you want to keep taking strength from your inner core of Humanity, you’d better be acting Humanely.

No endless equipment lists! Your survivor’s Gear, whether it’s as grand as a stolen Hummer with a custom paint job or as humble as a memento from a happier time, a solid cricket bat, or a distinctive sheriff’s hat, is all handled through one easy mechanic. Gear grants you automatic successes in conflicts where it applies, but the more successes it grants when the chips are down, the more it can complicate your life. Hummers need gas, your wife’s old ring isn’t likely to be appreciated by your new lover, and machine guns have a tendency to attract the attention of the undead.

Your character’s flaws, failings, and injuries are just as important to them as their gear and talents. With the Liabilities system, anything you can think of that could complicate your character’s life can be made into a Liability – from a crippling fear of commitment to a bum leg from a tour in Iraq. You’re rewarded for playing to your character’s Liabilities, and you’ll gain crucial Experience when the GM uses them against you, which can mean the difference between a near miss and a bite that spells your infection. More than anything though, Liabilities grant you a choice: will you restrain your Horrible Temper when faced with the man who killed your son if it means you’ll lash out later at those you love, or do you trust your character’s self-control?

Everyone’s got a type. Your character’s way of doing things, or MO, shows what special role they play in the zombie story unfolding at the table. Is your character a Necrologist, obsessed with learning about the walking dead and uncannily good at figuring out what makes them tick? Are they a font of compassion and kindness in the midst of horror, possessing a Heart of Gold? Decide, then watch as your character grows and changes as they’re nominated for new MOs by your fellow players for their breathtaking heroism, their blood-curdling savagery, and their compelling idiosyncrasies.

Gain control over your character’s story with Advancement. Gained by suffering from your Liabilities, dealing with Risks, and playing to your Attributes and Relationships, the Advancements in Fear The Living offer a temporary respite from the deprivation and danger of the zombie apocalypse. Learn something new, grow callous (or for that matter, grow a conscience), get over your old war wounds and neuroses, find an NPC ally when you need them most, unearth a helpful stash of Gear, get a respite from undead and Entropy for a time, or just get a second chance and tell the GM “My character’s come too far to die now.”


The entire kickstarter can be found here:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2025893540/fear-the-living-rpg

What do you think about this kickstarter?  Let us know in the comment section below

Take Care.

The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is Your rules mechanics line in the sand?

This was brought up on a game forum that I like to frequent and I thought it was an excellent question.    So what I want to know is are there role playing  game rules that are deal breakers for you?   What are some of the game mechanics that totally ruin your fun and make an otherwise interesting game setting not so fun.


I will start off by posting some of mine:


Games where story comes before everything else.   This is one of the main reason I dislike FATE because Fate is very much rules light/rules barely and is more about creating the story then playing the game and having the story come out of it.    Even in the rules it talks about Narrative.  I prefer traditional role playing games over Story Games, that’s why I will never play FATE.

Games that require me to use playing cards. If an RPG requires playing cards (which I don’t own) the game gets put back on the shelf never to be considered again. I don’t care how great everything else is, that’s a deal breaker and my interest in the game is automatically done.   I don’t own cards and I don’t want to play a rpg that uses cards.   I know game designers want to try to be cool and edgy when doing game design but this is very much a deal breaker for me.

Games with over complicated game mechanics, which is one of the main reasons I dislike the D20 system.   I find the more over complicated the game is, the more time that is spent (or wasted in my point of view) with the game stopped and the players and the Game Master looking up rules in the game book.   I have a limited amount of time to game and I want to spend it actually gaming, not looking up some obscure rule

Finally and most frustrating of them all.   Random Character Generation.    This is a deal breaker for me because in the end I am playing a character that the game wants me to play, not the character I want to play.   Role playing games are supposed to be fun and playing a really sucky character that is nothing like the kind of character I want to play means I am playing for the sake of gaming and not for the fun of gaming.  Which is what gaming is supposed to be about.


Do you have any role playing game rules line in the sand?   Are there specific mechanics that just drive you crazy?  Post a comment and discuss it


Until Next Time


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I dislike the D20 System

The D20 system was a system that was very popular a few  years ago mainly due to Dungones and Dragons and still remains popular with some people today , but it’s not quite as popular as it once was.   Back when the OGL was released people were taking their product that had it’s own game system and made a D20 version of the game.


I understand the logic of doing it from a business point, but the problem is not ever game can be shoehorned into a system.   Sure, you can always throw a setting into a system but is it going to run as well as it could?  Is it going to have the look and feel of the setting?


I am very much a System Matters kind of person.   I know there are people out there who disagree with this, but it doesn’t change the way that I feel about it.  Since the D20 glut people have gone back to creating games with a system that fits the setting better and makes more sense.   There are still D20 products being made but nowhere near as much as there used to be.


Another thing that always bothered me about the D20 system was how over complicated the system was for doing even the most basic tasks.   I have always found the more over complicated the system was, the more time was spent stopping the game and looking up some rule, no matter how basic the rule.   For me this is wasted time, time better spent gaming and having fun which, after all is why we game in the first place.   Not to mention I just don’t have the time I once had to read through hundreds of pages of rules to learn a game.   I don’t like games that are way too rules light, but I hate over complicated games even worse.


Give me something in-between and I will be happy.


What do you think about the D20 system?  Do you think it is over complicated?   Does system matter to you?  Leave a comment and discuss it


Until Next Time


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition is out as a free download

While I am a few weeks behind posting this, the new version of Dungeons and Dragons has been released as a basic pdf which can be found here


The PDF is 110 pages and has character creation, rules and even a character sheet.   I am still reading through it (I most likely will need to print it out in order to properly give it a read through, as reading .pdf’s on a computer gives me a headache.


I am curious if anyone has read through the .pdf and what your thoughts are on the new rules?  Have you played the new version of Dungeons and Dragons?  What did you think about it.


I will review the new version of Dungeons and Dragons ones I have properly read through it.


What do you think?  Will the new version be the version you play?   If you stopped Dungeons and Dragons because the other versions turned you off will the new version bring you back?  Let me know.


Take Care


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sorry, No Blog Post today

Sorry for the lates notice but there won’t be a blog posting today.


My Weekend has gotten very busy/hectic and I just don’t have the time to do a blog posting today.  I promise I will be back tomorrow with a fresh blog posting for you.


As Always thanks for stopping by.


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Friday, July 18, 2014

Palladium Games- Robotech RPG Tactics and Perspective

I have talked about Palladium Games in previous blog posts and in another blog post I spoke about how Kevin Sembeida has really screwed up the Robotech RPG Tactics Kick Start campaign, but this post is going to be a little different because the focus of the post won’t be purely on Kevin Sembida and Palladium Games.


Yes, he has really screwed up on the time line of the campaign as far as when products will be released, and yes his poor communication skills have caused anger and confusion.   But we have to remember that, in the end Robotech RPG  Tactics is just a game.    I know people unfamiliar with the Kick Start Campaign may not understand what I am talking about, but by going to the kick starter page you will quickly see what I mean.


It has gotten ugly with people getting angry and threatening each other over how late the game is and how others are standing up for Palladium Games.   Now it is understandable, considering how poorly Kevin Sembieda is handling the situation for people to get angry.  If I had funded the Kick Starter and there was a chance people at Gen Con would get access to the game before I do I would be angry too.   But when you get to a point where you are throwing around death threats over a game, that’s when you know that the situation has crossed a line.


Please note, I saw the Kick Starter when it was still active and while it looked great, I saw Palladium was behind it even partially so I refrained from funding it.   But even if I had funded the project, I wouldn’t be fighting with other Kick Starter members and instead I would be directing my anger at the actual source of the the problem, Kevin Sembida and Palladium.


If you are angry about the situation instead of fighting with other people who have funded the kick starter in the comments section direct your anger towards Palladium.   That’s where the anger belongs.    And if it bothers you that much how the Kick Starter Campaign was handled, then perhaps you should think twice about funding another Palladium Kick Starer.


Take Care


The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Friday, July 18, 2014

The Great Kingdom Kickstarter and Other News

I wasn’t sure what category to put this in so I put this in the Site comments and Updates, although this could easily qualify as a General Game Topic (but probably wouldn’t be the best fit for it).


The other day I talked about The Great Kingdom, the Kick Starter for the Documentary about Gary Gygax and Dungeons and Dragons, well I am pleased to tell you that they have reached their goal and it will in fact be funded by the time it ends.   I am not taking all of the credit of course, or really any of it.  I am not the egotistical kind, it’s just not in my nature.  But I want to thank anyone who followed the link and funded the kick starter and helped push it over the limit.


There is still time, so if you are interested in this kick starter there is a little over two days to go.   The Kick Starter campaign can be found here:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/720223857/the-great-kingdom


I know before the weekend is up I am going to put in my pledge for this project because it is a project I can really say I believe in.


Secondly, I am lining up a couple of interviews which I will be posting hopefully soon.   I am always looking for ways to improve the blog and make it more interesting for people and I thought interviewing people in the industry would be a great way to go.


While I will not give away who the people I am looking to interview (I am working on the details right now) I think when the interviews come out people will be excited.   Have an industry professional you would like for us to interview?    Send us a comment from the comment page and let us know who.   If we can we will try to interview them.


As always your input is valued so if you have a comment or suggestion you would like to give us please use or contact form and let us know.


Until Next Time:


- The Overlord

Posted by The Overlord on Thursday, July 17, 2014

[Kickstarter] The Great Kingdom

I usually try not to post two kick starters in a row, but this kick starter is one that really interests me and I really think the word needs to get out on this.   I am not going to do like I usually do where I put a bit of text at the beginning and then copy and paste part of the kick starter.   I am going to do this, in my words and explain why I think this is important.


The Kick starter is for the Documentary “The Great Kingdom” which delves into the history of Dungeons and Dragons, TSR and Gary Gygax, as well as many of the other people behind Dungeons and Dragons in the early days.  If you are not familiar with the kickstarter you can find it here:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/720223857/the-great-kingdom


I would really suggest watching the video, because after the introduction is the trailer for the documentary and you can tell from the quality it is a major labor of love.   It is well done and I think it deserves to be funded.   It is under $15,000 away with 3 days left and I think it can make it’s goal as long as we get the word out and get people to fund this.


I plan to find this Kick Starter (something I am reluctant to usually do) because I feel this is worth it.  So if you have a blog or go on a message forum please advertise this kick starter (please remember to follow the rules of the place you are posting) and get the word out about The Great Kingdom.


What do you think of The Great Kingdom Documentary kick starter?  Please post a comment and let me know.


Take Care.


The Overlord

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