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Wild Die is now Closed

I have decided to close the blog because, I no longer feel like blogging and to be honest, I just don’t have the time.   I am gaming 3 times a week now (with the possibility of picking up more) and I just don’t have the time to spend putting up articles when the time can be better spend gaming and preparing for games.

So no more posts here going forward.  This blog may completely disappear, I don’t know and I don’t care.  Because I am gaming and that is what it is all about.   While all of the poser geeks on a certain ugly purple forum discuss gaming, never to actually practice the hobby, I will be up to my elbows in actual gaming.  I can not only talk about it, but talk about it from actually experienced playing and running games.

So losers like Blackhat_matt, Cessna and all of the power abusers on rpg.net can continue to abuse their power and talk about gaming, I will actually be gaming, something that it’s doubtful they ever do.  They will remain pathetic posers who can only talk about the hobby, but never experience it.

I am closing the comments on all articles because I no longer want to talk about gaming, I am going to be too busy actually experiencing it.

Thank’s for all the good times and thanks to all of those who read the blog and participated.   If anyone needs me I will be contactable (for awhile) via the contact form.   I am killing my actual the game guy email account because I only used it for here and game forums and I don’t need it anymore.

So, to all of you, remember:

All good things…

The Game Guy

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A note about the quietness of the blog

You may have noticed in the past week or so I have been a bit behind at postings and the blog has been relativity quiet.   Well there is a reason for it, and it’s a pretty good reason.

The reason?  Because I am gaming more and getting involved in more games, which means more reading to learn games, and more time spent doing character creation.   So yes, the blog suffers but I think the reason it is suffering is ok.

I mean the whole point is to actually game, not just buy games and talk about them online and never actually play them.  Am I right?

So I will still be posting, but it more likely than not will not be daily anymore because to be honest with you I just don’t have the time.    The good news, however is there will be more actual play posts for me to post on the blog so that’s a good thing.

As I said I will still be  posting, but just not as often, but please feel free to stop by and check out the blog every once in awhile.   There will be stuff here to read.

Thanks so much.

– The Game Guy

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[Crowd Funding] Improbable Tales by Fainting Goat Games

Today we are going to talk about a crowfunding project called Improbably Tales by Fainting Goat Games.


Support Fainting Goat Games creating superhero adventures for ICONS, Savage Worlds and SUPERS!:

Sales Pitch: We’ve heard demands for more superhero adventures for ICONS, Savage Worlds and SUPERS! Here at Fainting Goat Games, we love to write adventures – so we’re happy to meet that need. Even better – funding with Patreon enables us to tailor the product to fit the demand.

Specifics: Our word-count target per adventure is about 5,000 words (10 to 15 pages with our standard layout. Our goal would be to release a new one every 2 or 3 months.
The level of Patreon support will determine the amount of art that goes into each adventure.

Why Trust Us?
1) We have an established track record of delivering on crowdfunding campaigns with Kickstarters for the first edition of Improbable Tales, Stark City and Extreme Earth.
2) We have the drafts of the first 3 adventures already written and proofed for all 3 systems. (In fact – backers will get to see these.)
3) We promise to never release more than once a month.

Who is Involved?
Most of our art is done by Ade Smith
SUPERS! and ICONS conversions are done by Walt Robillard – head of Hazard Studios.
Savage Worlds conversions are done by Sean Nokes
Sean Nokes has also written most of the adventures to date.
Maps (if that milestone is reached) will be done by Stephanie Mcalea

$50 – We will release the text versions of all three adventures to Patreon backers in a zip file.
$100 -We’ll send Lair of the Wrathmaster -an adventure currently for sale on RPGNOW to all of our backers.
$160 – We produce the adventures with a full color cover but no interior artwork.
$200 – we produce the adventures with B+W artwork and a full color cover.
$250 – We upgrade the interior art to full color.
$350 – We add an amazing map by Stephanie McAlea. (Check out her Patreon campaign here: https://www.patreon.com/stephaniemcalea)
$390 – We add a cheeky Fainting Goat Snack Cake ad to the back of the adventure (See sample cake ads here:http://prodigyduck.deviantart.com/ga…89/Comic-Pages)
$490 – we add 4 more color interior illustrations


Again with this project like all other projects if you feel this is worthwhile please consider contributing to this project.


– The Game Guy

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[Kickstarter] Murderous Monsters Bestiary for Old School Tabletop RPGs by Brent P. Newhall

Today’s kickstarter is:  Murderous Monsters Bestiary for Old School Tabletop RPGs by Brent P. Newhall

The kickstarter can be found here


There’s not enough cool monster art.

There also isn’t one standard “monster manual” for old-school monsters. Sure, you can use an old D&D manual, but what if you want to use that monster in Dungeon World?

This Kickstarter will fund awesome monster art and stat blocks for a bestiary of old-school monsters. The 16 core monsters are already created, and statted out for the creator’s primary system, MurderHobos.

The art will be drawn by Eric Quigley and released electronically under a Creative Commons license, so anyone can use it in their own works (including commercial projects). Each file will be released in Photoshop, JPEG, and PNG in full resolution (in the 3,000-pixel width and height range).

Here’s the lizardfolk. I mean, just look at that.

Each monster will be statted out for D&D 1E and D&D 5E. Which monsters, you ask?

  • Doppelganger
  • Dragon
  • Giant Centipede
  • Giant Ant
  • Gibbering Mouth
  • Kobold
  • Living Cyst
  • Lizardfolk
  • Lycanthrope
  • Orc
  • Rust Beetle
  • Screaming Spore
  • Skeleton
  • Stirge
  • Troll
  • Vampire

How can we do this when these monsters have already been statted out for D&D? Simple: These will be new variations on classic creatures. They’ll still be recognizably giant centipedes and skeletons, but each one will be more vicious and more interesting, with an updated stat block.

Here’s an example of the Gibbering Mouth:

This 10-yard-long stunted worm gets its name from its large, tooth-rimmed maw that is easily large enough to swallow a humanoid. It launches itself at its victims, attempting to swallow them. A gibbering mouth can kill a human-sized victim in less than a minute, and digest it completely in a few hours.

Gibbering mouths also make a high-pitched giggling sound as they scent for their prey.

Gibbering mouths can close their mouths and burrow in soft soil, but usually prowl caverns in search of meat. They do occasionally surface at night and feed off herd animals (and the occasional village).

About every 6 months, a gibbering mouth will lay 2d10 eggs, which are valuable spell components. After 1 month, the eggs hatch into gibbering larvae, which grow into adults after 3 months. The larvae are quite weak and make popular food sources for other underground inhabitants. Some creatures, particularly kobolds, even capture and breed gibbering mouths just to feed on the larvae.

The Core Book

The core book will contain 16 monsters, each statted out for Dungeons & Dragons 1E/Labyrinth Lord/Swords & Wizardry, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and MurderHobos.

All 16 monsters are already created and statted out for MurderHobos. That PDF will be delivered the day the Kickstarter ends.

Each piece of monster art will cost $150 ($125 for Eric, and $25 for me to stat out the monster in D&D 1E and 5E). For 15 creatures, we need $2,250. Add Kickstarter and credit card fees, and we need $2,475.


Again the entire kickstarter can be found here

If you find this project to be worthwhile please consider contributing to it


The Game Guy

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[Kickstarter] NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG by Louis Porter Jr.

Today’s kickstarter is NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG by Louis Porter Jr.

The kickstarter can be found here


NeoExodus is a Pathfinder Role Playing Game campaign setting built on the concept of high magic based fantasy gaming worlds. We offer a versatile broad array of alternatives and options for players and Game Masters. The setting focuses on defeating ancient evils, rediscovering of the world of Exodus and geopolitical intrigue based in a magical setting. NeoExodus brings to players and GMs new races and with unique alternative racial options and highly advanced magics that are almost impossible to differentiate from advanced technologies.

NeoExodus has been described by its creator, Louis Porter Jr, as his fantasy love letter to the science fiction masterpiece, Babylon 5. Others have compared the mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements to be similar to those found in cult classic cartoon series like He-Man and the Master of the Universe to Thundercats and CrossGen comic books Scion and Sojourn. Some of the realistic aspects and feelings of the setting of NeoExodus are based off of real world events while embracing the possibilities for fantasy.

Louis Porter Jr. Design

NeoExodus was created, implemented, expanded and developed by many of the most well know Pathfinder Role Playing Game developers including Neal Bailey, Thomas Baumbach, JP Chapleau, Joshua Cole, Richard Farrese, Lee Hammock, Jeff Lee, Jonathan Palmer, David Ross, Amber Scott, Owen K.C. Stephens, Adam Wells, Benjamin Wenham, Linda Weygant-Robison and myself, Louis Porter, Jr.

What is your money going to?

What we have created, at the most basic of levels, is an update and revision of our NeoExodus Campaign setting. This new book will be at least 175 pages in length for this unique setting. The money that we raise will go for the additional cost of generating art, new written material and editing, and the general updated quality of production of the product. Louis Porter Jr. Design’s goal is to present you with a complete and unique world for NeoExodus in the similar tradition of TSR and Wizard of the Coast’s fan favorite campaign settings like Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and even the more unique setting of Ebberon. As we reach our currently planned stretch goals, we will be attaching all new ones to this project to bring on even more excitement and prestige.

As we reach our currently planned stretch goals we will be attaching all new ones to this project to bring on even more excitement and prestige to this project. We will be motivating people to join us in this Kickstarter by doing things like Back Us for a Buck (or B4$) initiative to help find all kinds of different ways to help us reach our goals The following images are samples from the NeoExodus Campaign Setting book so you can get and idea of the level of quality and professionalism that we are working on.


The entire kickstarter can be found here   If you feel this is a worthwhile project please consider contributing to it.


The Game Guy

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Interview With Ken Whitman Of D20 Entertainment

Over on the blog rpgrunkleplaysgames the owner of the blog did an interview with Ken Whitman on the trials and tribulations of running a kickstarter campaign.   The entire interview can be found here

Here is an excerpt:


One month ago I wrote a blog about d20 Entertainment’s deletion of the Kickstarter Here. As well as  the opinions of not just myself, but many others regarding  poor communication with their backers. Within hours of the blogs post I was contacted by d20 entertainment Creator Ken Whitman, he confirmed Jolly Blackburn’s comment that it was an accidental deletion. After clearing up the issue he stated that he would be happy to answer any questions I or anyone had about his project. He also mentioned that he would be open to an interview with my blog when asked.
(From my comments section of that blog post.)

    • Thank you for the update Ken, Maybe we can sit down and have an interview and touch on the trials and such of running kickstarters. Allowing you some time to get the word out for your backers and giving them some added reasurance. If you would be interested in sitting down for a chat.

With that comment I set into motion the resulting interview. It took me about a week to research and come up with a question that I wanted to ask. I thought long about how I wanted to conduct this interview. I chose this format because at its heart text-based response and Q&A between Ken and his backers has been his largest weakness. I did not choose this to exploit that very nature. But to see first hand if I would have results similar to his backers in communication back and forth between us. I then approached Ken and asked him if he was ready to work on the on the interview.

When I contacted Ken and at first he did not recall the blog or that he had agreed to the interview. After reminding him of the blog and his comments Ken was very agreeable from then on. Late Monday I set the interview up as a Google Doc. This would make much of the work much more fluid and easier hopefully speeding things along. He told me that he would finish his answers later that day. So I sent him an email of the interview so that he could access it through Google Drive and we could get things underway.

That was three weeks ago. I chose to reach out one last time in an effort to get the interview done. I informed him that I fully intended to do a blog anyway. Ken responded to me in moments . Stating that he did not see it when I sent it before, but would be glad to  do it the same day. A short time the answers were filled out, success!

The interview was done. It is worth noting that I did not ask Ken any questions about his projects or Kickstarters Pre D20E projects. Mostly because like Ken or not the key subject of issue surrounding Ken at this moment is the six current projects he is running.


The actual Q&A can be found by reading the entire interview and I recommend if you have funded one of his kickstarters or have been following the events to read the interview.   Again it can be found here


The Game Guy

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One Last Time- RPG.net

Ok, ok I know I said I wasn’t going to post another post about rpg.net and this is the last time.   Really.

So I have been emailing back and forth with the administrators over on rpg.net.  The first administrator I spoke to, Cessna was very rude but that is to be expected from the moderation and administration staff.   Either you kiss their asses or you are an enemy and they look for a reason to get rid of you.

The Second administrator I spoke to IceShadow was much more friendly.  I will give them that.   However IceShadow said that they do not moderate based on what is said off of rpg.net and then goes about to contradict what he just said.

The end result was a reply of “Any replies will be deleted, unread”

So basically I caught the administrators in a lie and abusing their power and when they couldn’t lie their way out of it they decided to cut all communication.   It’s as I have said before, people with no power who get power and then abuse it are afraid of losing the power they so crave because they know that most likely they will never get it back again.   They probably suffer from low self-esteem and it makes them feel better about themselves and makes them feel more important.

Of course if they have so much free time that they can moderate or administrator that forum it’s because they aren’t actively gaming, they more likely then not buy games and talk about games but don’t actually play.

Maybe they should spend more time actually playing and less time on rpg.net abusing their power.   And with that I am done.  I am banned and there is no going back.  I didn’t kiss enough ass and the moderators put me on the enemies list and found a reason buried deep that was spurious at best.   So I am going to take my own advice and spend less time talking about rpg.net and more time gaming.

I just got my copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe in the mail and I have a lot of reading to do because I have a bunch of campaign ideas I want to try out.  So many games, so little time.

Note: That while people will consider this an “abuse of power” or “censorship” (which it is neither) the comments will be closed on this post.   I know what the usual suspects think of my feelings so there is no need to rehash them.


The Game Guy

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The Great Old Ones have Returned to Chaosium

I just saw this posting that Greg Stafford has returned to Chaosium and they are trying to return the company back to what it was.

The source of the announcement is here


Greetings to all our Patient Backers,

We have pressed the reset button… In 1975 Chaosium started out as a quirky boutique game company. We were all about creativity, artistry and craftsmanship. With every game we provided you with new realms of imagination and entertainment. Over the last few years we forgot that, and lost our way.

The Great Old Ones have Returned…
Greg Stafford, founder of Chaosium and creative force during its heyday, is now President. Sandy Petersen, world renowned game designer who brought Cthulhu into the light three decades ago, has rejoined the team as well.

Greg says: “Chaosium is part of my legacy. My intent is to restore it to its rightful place in the world of gaming. Something we can all take pride in, and something that fans will look forward to.Where ‘what’s next?’ is answered with ‘I can’t wait’.”

The Stars are Right…
Sandy says: “I am excited to return to active participation in the Call of Cthulhu line, and I’m eagerly looking forward to working directly with Greg again. We are Chaosium’s original team from the 1980s. My first focus is going to be the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Kickstarter campaign.”

Our main plan is simple (but will be a lot of work):

Quickly sift and sort through the current company problems
Immediately ship the remaining Horror on the Orient Express backer rewards
Focus on the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Kickstarter backer rewards
Return to regularly making awesome new games.
We offer new hope, and ask only for your patience.”

Please visit Chaosium.com for regular news and updates. Contact us with questions, kudos, curses, or kindness. We are listening, and we will respond.

Greg Stafford, President and CEO of Chaosium Inc.
I’m puttin’ the band back together.


This is an interesting development and one many didn’t see coming.  What do you think about this?  Post a comment and let me know.

– The Game Guy

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[Download of the Day] Infinity- a Cyperpunk miniatures game

Tooday’s download of the day is the Infinity miniatures game.   The core books is free and you can find the miniatures on eBay and the like.   Most of the miniatures cab be found on ebay, though they aren’t painted or put together (a negative for me).

The setting is a cyberpunk style future and it looks like a lot of fun.  I am looking for either prepainted miniatures (since I can’t pain miniatures) or looking for someone who can paint them for me (for a fee).

Either way the game book can be found [ENG]_Rules

If you actually play this game please let me know how it goes.  I am still reading through the core book and it looks like a blast.

– The Game Guy

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[Kickstarter] Hyperborea Adventure Three-Pack

Today we are going to talk about the kickstarter called:   Hyperborea Adventure Three-Packby Jeffrey Talanian.  The kickstarter can be found here


Three new, exciting adventure modules for the award-nominated role-playing game, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

About this project


The award-nominated role-playing game, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea™ is back with three new, exciting adventures!

  • Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes™ (Talanian)
  • Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess™ (Salvador)
  • Beneath the Comet™ (Ball)

Each of these sword-and-sorcery adventure modules is site-based, fleshing out some small portion of the Hyperborea setting and providing classic, memorable adventure material.

These adventures are designed for the AS&SH™ game, but they are suitable for use with the traditional editions of the world’s most popular RPG, as well as its modern simulacra, such as OSRIC™ and Swords & Wizardry™.

Physically, each module will be saddle-stitched, range from approximately 44 to 56 pages, and measure 8.5 x 11 inches. Each will feature full-colour, card stock covers, and sharp, black & white interiours.


Somewhere in the depths of Diamond Desert lie the skeletal remains of Ymir’s Serpent, a legendary Viking longship. In days of yore, Sigtrygg Forkbeard led his company upriver, piercing the desert’s hostile heart. There the Vikings unearthed a lost mine brimming with green diamonds, but the River Æolus desiccated as the Serpent prepared for launch, and the ship was swallowed by the dunes. Forkbeard and his company were never seen again, but tales of a shimmering Viking ghost ship gliding over the dunes persist to this day.

Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes is an adventure for from four to six characters of 2nd through 4th level, for use with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea™ and other traditional fantasy role-playing games.

Text: Jeffrey P. Talanian
Cover Art: Charles Lang
Interiour Illustrations: Mark Allen, Johnathan Bingham, Del Teigeler
Editing: David Prata
Cartography: Ben Ball, Glynn Seal


More than a month ago, your party found itself in Port Zangerios, where you heard of an Esquimaux thief selling a treasure map. Low on wealth but high in courage, you sought him out. The man turned out to be a fearful ex-slave who had “acquired” the map from his Ixian master. The map is incomplete but shews the Isle of the Serpent in far-off Lemuria, where rests a fabulous treasure called the Feathered Crown of Nanasa (or so thought the Ixian). Pooling your money to purchase the unfinished map, you bought passage on an Amazonian trade ship. After passing through tempests and torrential rains that shimmered with auroral light, you have come to the great city of Jhaman Ket. Now you must seek out the location of the Isle of the Serpent.

Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess is an adventure for from four to eight characters of 5th through 7th level, for use with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea™ and other traditional fantasy role-playing games.

Text: Joseph D. Salvador
Cover Art: Val Semeiks
Cover Art Colours: Daisey Bingham
Interiour Illustrations: Johnathan Bingham, Del Teigeler
Editing: David Prata
Cartography: Joseph D. Salvador, Glynn Seal


For weeks the Comet has blazed in the sky above Hyperborea, inspiring widespread superstitious dread and fear of some star-borne contagion. Under the light of this harbinger from the Black Gulf, the PCs have come to Bogrest, following a magical treasure map that reveals great wealth buried in the Lonely Heath north of the village. Finding that treasure will be no simple matter, however, for Hyperborea is a weirder and deadlier place than ever beneath the Comet.


Again  you can find the entire kickstarter here   If you find this interesting please consider funding it

– The Game Guy

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